Mesquite Dentist How to Treat Receding Gums with Oil Pulling

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Published: 21st January 2011
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At the age of forty and above normally gum recession starts to be noticed.This condition can leave your teeth exposed to bacteria that can then lead to more gum tissue loss. If not treated at an appropriate time, gums will reach there final stage where teeth may start to actually fall out.

Traditionally, dental surgery is the treatment most people suffering from this condition get to counteract it. There is an old Indian natural treatment that holistic healers have introduced and it has proven to be effective in stopping this conditions at the right time. This method is known as oil pulling which is said to even encourage growth of lost tissue too. Though no scientific study has legitimized it, many people have claimed its healing benefits. Many people believe that it even destroys bacteria that is between gums and teeth. This type of natural remedy has been proven to give a high level of dental health to a person. Below are a few tips of using the remedy to get you going.
1. Place a tablespoonful of sesame oil in your mouth. This should not be swallowed. Just gargle slowly.
2. Execute the oil pulling method. Swish slowly the right amount of sesame oil around every side of your mouth. This is more or less the same way you do with a mouth wash only this time it is done slowly. You will feel like you are pulling your teeth around. The oil should seep in between the teeth stimulating the gums as well as killing the teeth eating bacteria. For 10 to 20 minutes is how this procedure should be done on each session.It is recommended to do this activity 3 times a day for maximum effect.
3. Spit the oil out. Spitting the oil after 20 minutes, you should notice that the once yellow sesame oil has turned white. If you see this, the process was completely well done. Should the sesame oil still remain yellow as you spit it out, most likely you did not do it correctly.
4. Wash your mouth with water. Use clean water to wash your mouth after you spit the oil.Gargle thoroughly to remove any excess oil still lodged in between your teeth. To be quite sure, gargle 2 to 3 batches of water.Once that is done, massage your gums with your fingers. Make sure your fingers are clean prior to doing this.

Maximum effect can be reached when oil pulling is done 2 to 3 times a day.Make sure to clean the sink where you spit the oil on with disinfecting soap. The oil is full of bacteria and you don't want your sink infested with it.

Though there is little scientific evidence to support this, it is said that oil pulling also cleanses the body from harmful toxins. Oil pulling has helped a lot of people in curing and reversing receding gums and also many other problems which still remains a fact.Try this simple, natural, and completely harmless receding gums treatment, and find out for yourself.

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